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Olga's Technique Beauty Salon ( former famous salon Techniques ) is located in the heart of down town Park Ridge, Illinois.Our team specializes in a variety of services: nails, hair, massages, waxing, facials and make up. It's so easy to do everything you need in one place. 


About Atomy

Absolute Quality & Absolute Price

What does Absolute Quality & Absolute Price mean?

Atomy is Korean company that distributes high quality products made of herbs and natural organic ingredients at a very low price. That means equal to or less than discount stores.  In order to supply quality products to consumers at a low price, Atomy implemented a highly computerized system to lower management costs and to eliminate commercial advertisement. 

The prices bellow applies for in store purchases only. Atomy Company offers lower prices on their official website. If you wish to make a purchase online, click here to learn how you can sign up and save. Taxes applies.

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Healthy Glow Makeup Base

Natural beauty of rose pearls illuminates complexion to create a radiant and glowing finish. It has whitening effect and takes care of wrinkles. 


After sign up - $15

Atomy Evening Care 4 Set 

Deep Cleanser removes makeup and cleans pores. Foam Cleanser cleans pores and other residues. Peeling Gel exfoliates and prepare the skin for nutrients absorption. Peel-Off Mask minimizes pores, firms and calms the skin. (Products available separately)

After sign up - $36

Atomy Lip Glow SPF 15

Rose enhanced moisturizing lip care protects your lips from harmful UV rays and leaves a lively sheer rosy tint, while keeping  your lips soft and supple. 


After sign up - $12.50

Atomy Lip Treatment 

Ultra nourishing lip treatment with Shea butter and 3 types of moisturizing oils.


After sign up - $5.50

Atomy Mineral Compact SPF 35

Sun Protection, sebum control and blooming makeup. It covers various issues like skin flaws, pores, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. Comes in 4 shades. 


After sign up - $18.75

Absolute Skin Care Set

This set is the core essence of evolutionary derma-science brought on by years of research. Infused with exclusive technology to reverse the signs of aging.  Contains Toner, Ampoule, Serum, Lotion, Eye Cream and Nutrition Cream.


After sign up - $215

Atomy Skin Care 6 System

One of Atomy's most favorite sets, this 6 system has it all: Toner, Eye Cream, Essence, Lotion, Nutrition Cream and BB Cream. Hydrating, nutrition, moisture and wrinkle care, plus the famous BB Cream Foundation. (Products available separately)


After sign up - $92

Atomy Men Set

This Set is created as a special care for men to eliminate men's skin issues. Brings rich moisture and energy to tired skin. Smoothes out the roughened skin by shaving. (Products available separately)


After sign up - $39

Atomy Aqua 3 Set

Imediate hydrating efect on dry and flaky skin. Serum and Cream has whitening functional products. Combats extrem dryness by forming a moist layer. Does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. 


After sign up - $46

Calming Care Special

This Set is created specially for combination skin. Certified Organic, it contains pure natural herbal extracts. Calms and relax your skin on the inside. (Products available separately)


After sign up - $62

7 Solution Gel Mask

Twice a week, a happy habit for your skin. Contains 7 organic herbs for best results. Moisture, nutrition, elasticity, brightening and wrinkle care. 14 pieces in one box. 


After sign up - $33

A.C Care Special

Solve your skin problems with this refreshing skin care system. Clinically tasted for optimal results on acne prone skin. (Products available separately)


After sign up - $62

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